Getting the most out of my veggie patch
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Getting the most out of my veggie patch

I spent so much time on my veggie patch last year and just didn't see the spectacular results I was hoping for. This year I've been doing a lot more research to try and get my plants the right nutrients so I can actually get some fresh veggies this year. There is something so tasty about vegetables that are freshly picked from the garden, compared to something you buy in a supermarket and sits in a fridge. I'm improving how I plant them, how I fertilise them and hopefully I'll reap a bumper crop. Read along to see if I do!

Getting the most out of my veggie patch

Things to Keep In Mind When Considering Bin Hire

Alice Stewart

Although most households will have subscribed to regular garbage collection, there may come some instances when this is not sufficient for waste disposal. Such instances may range from undertaking renovations on your property to full on spring-cleaning that will result in large amounts of waste. In these situations, you may be better off opting for bin hire rather than depending on your regular garbage collection services. However, it should be noted that opting for bin hire is not simply about paying for the first services that you come across. There are a number of considerations to keep in mind to ensure that your individual needs are met. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when considering bin hire.

Determine the type of waste you want collected

One of the most important considerations to have is the kind of waste you are looking to have disposed of. Bin hire companies will provide different types of bins depending on the specific waste. Additionally, some companies may not deal with other types of waste materials such as biological or chemical waste. Therefore, it is pertinent to consult with the bin hire company to ascertain if they deal with the waste you are eliminating or if there are special considerations that would need to be made to facilitate your requirements.

Consider opting for larger bins

One mistake people tend to make is underestimating the amount of waste that will require elimination. It is always better to have a larger bin that gives you room for extra waste, rather than having to pay for additional trips by the bin hire company to empty the waste for you. Before opting for bin hire, consult with the company regarding the project you are undertaking and how much waste they assume you will have. You can even enquire about whether they can conduct a site visit beforehand which would give them a better idea on what you will be eliminating, thus giving them better judgement on what type of bin hire would be best suited for your needs.

Enquire if you will need local council permits

Depending on your city council regulations, you may or may not need permits before opting for bin hire. For instance, if you decide to place your bin on the street for the duration of time you are using it, you may have to get a permit that allows you to do so. Some bin hire companies may offer additional services of drawing up the paperwork for you so as to make the process convenient. It is always best to enquire about this beforehand so as to avoid any council fines due to ignorance.