Getting the most out of my veggie patch
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Getting the most out of my veggie patch

I spent so much time on my veggie patch last year and just didn't see the spectacular results I was hoping for. This year I've been doing a lot more research to try and get my plants the right nutrients so I can actually get some fresh veggies this year. There is something so tasty about vegetables that are freshly picked from the garden, compared to something you buy in a supermarket and sits in a fridge. I'm improving how I plant them, how I fertilise them and hopefully I'll reap a bumper crop. Read along to see if I do!

Getting the most out of my veggie patch

Safety Tips on DIY Lawn Mowing

Alice Stewart

Lawn mowers are indispensable tools when it comes to keeping your yard looking nice throughout the year. However, they can also be very dangerous because these powered landscaping tools comprise a cutting blade that can malfunction and cause deep cuts during lawn mowing chores. Aside from that, flying debris can also result in severe injuries if it comes in contact with unprotected parts of the body. Here's what you can do to ensure that your lawn mowing tasks go on smoothly and safely.

Use well-maintained equipment

The best way to ensure that you keep yourself out of harm's way is to use equipment that is correctly maintained. Inspecting your lawn mower on a frequent basis helps fix potential problems that may lead to unprecedented operational failure early on. This way, you will be able to avoid situations that often cause accidents.

Cover up well

Besides making sure the equipment you are using for lawn mowing is in good working condition, wear safety clothing and equipment to protect yourself just in case of an accident. You can don a hooded jacket or jumper and a pair of jeans to ensure your hands and legs are fully covered. In addition to that, you should always put on a pair of safety glasses to make sure flying debris do not get to your eyes.

Also, keep on a pair of heavy gloves to prevent the skin on your hands from getting sore or blistered due to maintaining a firm grip on your mower, especially if you are using a walk-behind mower. And, because lawn mowers are notorious for generating a lot of noise, it is best to use earplugs to save your ears the abuse of loud and prolonged noise levels. Last but not least, wear closed toed shoes to cushion against foot-related injuries.

Inspect your yard for obstructions

Before embarking on any lawn mowing chore, walk through your lawn to check for tree stumps, large rocks, wood planks, or any other objects that may cause obstruction and subsequent breakdown of your equipment.

Keep small children at bay

Sure, you may want to bond some more with your small children by carrying them on your ride-on lawn mower as you go about your chores. But small children are often not wary of the dangers attributed to lawn mowing. Because of their playful nature, your little ones can get in the way of your work and end up sustaining some nasty injuries. If possible, you should manicure your lawn when your children are not around, e.g. when they are away at school.