Getting the most out of my veggie patch
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Getting the most out of my veggie patch

I spent so much time on my veggie patch last year and just didn't see the spectacular results I was hoping for. This year I've been doing a lot more research to try and get my plants the right nutrients so I can actually get some fresh veggies this year. There is something so tasty about vegetables that are freshly picked from the garden, compared to something you buy in a supermarket and sits in a fridge. I'm improving how I plant them, how I fertilise them and hopefully I'll reap a bumper crop. Read along to see if I do!

Getting the most out of my veggie patch

Is Mulch Delivery Essential For Your New Flowerbeds?

Alice Stewart

If you have recently ventured into residential gardening, you probably have started nurturing some flowerbeds on your property, as these add visual appeal to the premises. But for most newbies, mulch is not one of their top priorities for their flowers since they presume that the soil that they till on occasion will be a sufficient provision of nutrients. However, mulching is not only beneficial to your flowers. In fact, opting to enlist mulch delivery services will go a long way in bolstering the health of your soil, the flowers and the garden at large! If you have been under the impression that enlisting mulch delivery services is only crucial for crop farmers, here are a couple of reasons why it is just as essential for your new flowerbeds. 

Routine mulching will help in mitigating the development of weeds

Weed control is a critical part of nurturing healthy flowerbeds, or you stand the risk of your garden being overrun by these unsightly plants. Nonetheless, having to weed your flowerbeds manually is a tedious and laborious task. And if you get bored easily, you can end up abandoning this task, and all the work you had done to nurture the flowerbeds will go to waste. Electing to have mulch delivered to your home on a scheduled basis, on the other hand, goes a long way in mitigating the development of these weeds. For starters, the mulch blocks the sunlight that the weeds need to grow! Secondly, any weeds that do end up fighting to grow through will be few and easy to pluck out when compared to dealing with a complete invasion. Hence, you get to minimise the yard work needed to maintain your flowerbeds!

Regular mulching boost the health of your soil

The second reason that you should invest in mulch delivery services for your residential flowerbeds is to enhance the health of your soil! What you may be surprised to learn about mulch is that it helps with regulating the conditions that your soil is exposed to! For instance, once the temperatures rise during the summer, a layer of mulch on your flowerbeds will help in preventing dehydration of the soil. Not only does this mean that the soil is protected but also the roots of your flowers are too and this promotes the healthy growth of your plants. The mulch is also essential during the winter months for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the mulch will function as insulation by protecting the roots of the flowers and the soil from the freezing temperatures. Furthermore, the mulch will eventually decompose and enrich the soil, so you are assured that your flowers are receiving the nutrients they need during the winter!